My training at Re-Vision was in Integrative Transpersonal Counselling and prior to this, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in the Therapeutic Arts from the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education. My approach is creative and flexible, depending on who I am working with.
I am also an active musician and have worked in music education for many years. I worked with all students of ages, from pre-school to adult learners and was also a music practitioner in a Special Educational Needs school.

My private practice is in Hackney Central - you can find the location here. My background as a counsellor involves working for Mind in North East London and at the Centre for Better Health in Hackney.

I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I fully abide by their codes of ethics. 


Each therapeutic encounter is unique and my training has taught me to weave different branches of psychotherapeutic theories together, trusting that several ‘truths’ can co-exist. An integrative approach encourages us to be curious about the past and present, whilst also giving a place to imagination and the possibility of new ideas.


I work holistically, from a soulful perspective. Soul means many things, but I often think of soul as intuition - something that lives within and tells us whether to go left or right; a quiet voice that often knows the answer to things that we think we can’t comprehend. Transpersonal therapy seeks to reconnect to this soulful voice, at a pace that feels right.